Why us

Sophisticated investing in private markets relies on access, discipline and diversification.

With Titanbay, you can craft diversified and balanced private market portfolios that are aligned to your clients long-term financial objectives.


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  1. Fund selection 

    Led by the Titanbay Investment Team we conduct a top-down/bottom-up review of the fund universe to bring you a curated selection of top-tier private market funds, each year.

  2. The Titanbay platform

    The platform aims to elevate the investing experience allowing you to focus on acquiring the right opportunity for your client's investment goals.

  3. Access

    We are able to offer far lower investment minimums than are typical for the asset class, enabling a broader group of institutions and family offices to access private markets for their clients.

Our approach to fund selection

Every year, Titanbay secures access to some of the world's leading private markets funds. 

We employ a holistic approach to fund selection, which includes both top-down and bottom-up considerations.

The outcome is a curated selection of top-tier funds each year, across a range of sectors, strategies and investment vintages.

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  1. Complete the registration form.

  2. Complete the suitability questionnaire to determine your investor status.

  3. Once you have passed suitability you can view investment opportunities on the platform that are appropriate to your investor type and jurisdiction.

  4. In the event your application is referred for manual review by the automated process, we may contact you for further information.


When investing through Titanbay, you have easy access to our dedicated team whenever you need it to guide you through the platform and help you achieve your goals. 

Our team will also faciliate the investment process, helping you avoid any pitfalls and ensure your journey is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our relationship managers do not offer advice. Instead they are experts in ensuring you and your clients have the insight and tools you need to make your own investment decisions to construct a well-designed and diversified private markets portfolio.

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