Titanbay Series A - Q&A with our CEO, Thomas Eskebaek


At Titanbay, we are very pleased to announce the successful completion of our Series A funding round. We asked Thomas Eskebaek, CEO, for his thoughts on the process, on the relationships Titanbay is forming as a result and on the company’s future growth and development.


Q: Good morning, Thomas. Titanbay has reached a significant milestone with the completion of this funding round. As you reflect on the process, can you tell us more about what it means for Titanbay?

TE: Good morning. I am, of course, very pleased and proud that Titanbay has reached this stage in its development. The investment we have secured will be absolutely instrumental in the business’s growth and expansion. What I am really excited about, however, is the industry expertise, scale and substance of our backers, Motive Partners, abrdn and FNZ. The cementing of Titanbay’s relationships — both individually and collectively— with these industry leaders in fintech investing, asset management and wealth management represents an enormous leap forward as we continue to scale and grow.

Q: The formation and nurturing of these partnerships is clearly very important to Titanbay. What will they offer the business? 

TE: That is very much the case. If we consider each one in turn, we can see where the “transformational commercial synergies” we mention in our statement might occur.

Since Motive Partners specialises in backing the type of technology firms that enable the financial economy, it brings extensive expertise to the table. By applying in-depth knowledge of the sector, Motive seeks to create long-term value via its Motive Early Stage vehicle. In Titanbay’s case, one of the ways it could potentially do this is by providing access to more alternatives products.

Turning to the partnership with abrdn, there are a number of significant benefits to consider. For us, these will include access to expertise in building tailored private equity (PE) solutions, fund selection resources and the potential to provide investors with access to co-investment and secondary market opportunities. 

And we are delighted to be working with FNZ, which is a leading global presence in the wealth management platform sphere. FNZ’s participation in our funding round means that Titanbay can be integrated into its marketplace, becoming a key part of its offering to both new and existing clients.

Q: Finally, what is on the horizon for Titanbay, and how will these relationships influence development?

TE: Titanbay’s main aim is unchanged — we want to use our platform to provide wider access to private market investments. White-labelling Titanbay technology for partner organisations like private banks and wealth managers to offer their clients is one of the ways in which we can further this aim. In addition, direct access to the platform is available for sophisticated individual investors.

We recognise that these partner organisations and investors are knowledgeable enough to understand that they need to gain exposure to more than just one or two funds. Rather, it’s about being strategic and building a fully diversified portfolio. Here, having access to abrdn’s fund selection resources could be enormously beneficial as we work towards this aim.

Our technology, too, is a critical component in achieving this ideal. It is particularly relevant for wealth managers and private banks. In the past, it has been hugely difficult for them to manage these processes correctly, compliantly and at scale. By partnering with Motive Partners and with FNZ, Titanbay will have the opportunity to both finesse our technological offering with expert input and also to offer it to wealth management and private bank partners on a global scale.