Titanbay launches co-investment programme

  • Titanbay becomes the first platform to offer a regular, dedicated programme of co-investments to complement its existing array of private market fund solutions
  • The co-investment programme provides investors with a unique opportunity to participate in attractive deals alongside leading institutional investors
  • Investors can participate with investment sizes comparable to fund investments
London, [22 June 2022] - Titanbay, the private market investment platform for sophisticated investors, is pleased to announce the launch of its dedicated co-investment programme.
Titanbay works with industry-leading partners to source the highest quality co-investment opportunities. These arise from long-standing relationships with top-performing private market fund managers and will be offered to a group of pre-selected investors, who have registered their interest in co-investments on the Titanbay platform. To facilitate this, Titanbay has built a bespoke, streamlined process which allows investors to participate in attractive opportunities, sourced and executed by leading general partners globally, with full confidence while meeting an efficient investment timetable.
Co-investment is a very popular strategy among institutional investors seeking to construct a well-balanced private market portfolio. This strategy provides investors with a direct route to opportunities within private markets. Numerous benefits include: flexibility to customise their investment strategies; higher return potential with earlier liquidity than fund investments; and a competitive fee structure, providing more control over the pace of capital deployment.
Titanbay offers unparalleled access to top-tier private markets funds directly to institutional investors and in partnership with leading private banks and wealth managers. The co-investment opportunity is a natural extension to this offering and gives investors access to a comprehensive best-in-class private market solution.
Commenting on the launch of the co-investment programme, Alex Bozoglou, Head of Investments at Titanbay, said: “Our new co-investment offering is another example of how Titanbay is increasing access for smaller investors to opportunities usually only available to large institutional investors. Co-investing is a good way for investors to increase the quality of their private market portfolios and to improve overall returns by taking a more concentrated position on a few selected investments. Getting access to the right direct deals is absolutely critical and we are excited to be working with leading partners to bring the highest quality opportunities to our investors and help them to build successful private market portfolios.”
To find out more about the co-investment programme, please contact us.