Taking the long view in investment management

237cb2_c1efe36fc8a44777818b3a43d1929571_mv2-1Small institutional and sophisticated individual investors are emulating their larger peers: they are turning their attention ever-more towards the long term. Among the catalysts for this trend are higher volatility in public markets, persistently low interest rates and ongoing geopolitical uncertainty.

 Such a backdrop also pinpoints the need for diversification and a carefully considered investment strategy. Many of these investors are therefore seeking opportunities to invest in private markets and, in particular, private equity. Demand is high and is likely only to get higher in the coming years.

But the asset class is complex and traditionally hard to enter. Titanbay’s Adam Harrison, Chief Commercial Officer, and Alex Bozoglou, Head of Investments, recently spoke with Raconteur for the Sunday Times Wealth & Asset Management Report. They discuss how smaller investors may be able to access private equity in a similar way to their bigger counterparts amid this challenging environment.
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