Invest in top tier private markets funds alongside the world’s leading investors

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Our platform aims to elevate the investing experience allowing you to focus on acquiring the right opportunity for your investing strategy, crafting a diversified and balanced portfolio and realising your long-term financial objectives.
Sophisticated investing in private markets relies on access, discipline and diversification
We employ a holistic top down and bottom up approach to identify top funds across a diversified range of strategies 
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Titanbay does not offer investment advice. The platform offers a curated selection of private markets funds for investors and their advisors.

Building a portfolio underpinned by powerful technology

With innovative allocation tools, our platform enables you to build a strategic, diversified and timely portfolio.

Advanced Modeling

Our portal includes an advanced portfolio analysis and modeling tools, allowing you to manage investments across strategies, vintages and sectors. Forecast your cashflow and exposure with our simulation tools to expertly manage your liquidity.


Research & Analysis

Combined with thoughtful research and macro analyses, as well as access to a wide range of funds, our platform enables you to construct a well designed portfolio suitable for your specific objectives.

Constructing a high performing portfolio requires disciplined asset allocation
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Here when you
need us

When investing through Titanbay, you have easy access to our dedicated team whenever you need it to guide you through the platform and help you achieve your goals.

Our team will also facilitate the investment process, helping you avoid any pitfalls and ensure your journey is as simple and straightforward as possible.

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