The information advantage that Titanbay provides you and your clients comes from our Investments Team, our Investment Advisory Board (IAB), their combined networks and our relationship with Mercer.

By using our platform, you can open these fund opportunities up to your clients.


Titanbay operates a multi-step fund review process. In doing so, we uphold transparency and continuity, with all of the Investments Team’s key steps and decisions recorded and made available for review by the IAB.


Fund review process

  1. Investment team maps the fund universe through a rigorous, disciplined analysis of the private market fund universe.

  2. The team combines the results and our own manager ratings with those of Mercer, to create a short-list of opportunities.

  3. All of the Investment Team's key steps and decisions are recorded and made available for review by the IAB.

    The team consult the IAB, and use their feedback to inform the due diligence session with the GP.

  4. The team conducts onsite due diligence with the GP.

    Visits occur throughout the year, not just when fundraising, ensuring the team receive regular updates.

  5. The IAB considers an in-depth recommendation report on the opportunity.

  6. IAB votes on the fund and whether we should make it available on the Titanbay platform.

For further information on our Investment process and to better understand our strategic asset allocation and due diligence process, please contact us.

Funds on our platform

A key pillar of Titanbay’s investment strategy is the well-diversified private equity offering. We have created this programme specifically for investors who wish to build diversified private equity portfolios over the course of three to five years. It is carefully developed to prioritise consistency and access to top-quartile funds.

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In tandem, we recognise a need among more experienced investors for more specialised private market investments. As such, we consider and evaluate funds from the following subcategories for inclusion on the Titanbay slate: 

  • Environmental, social & governance (ESG) 
  • Fund of funds
  • Private credit
  • Real estate
  • Opportunistic

A further pillar of our investment strategy is focused on co-investment opportunities. The co-investment opportunities offered on the Titanbay platform arise from our longstanding relationships with top-performing private market fund managers. Investors can use them to increase the quality of their private market portfolios while also being able to take concentrated positions in select individual companies that they find compelling.