Our fund selection strategy

Our aim is to enable family office managers to build comprehensive and diversified private market portfolios for their clients.

Our Investment Team's wealth of private market knowledge, experience and industry connections helps to secure access to some of the best opportunities from the top managers.


Choosing the right managers, gaining access to their top-quartile funds and carrying out due diligence on those funds are essential requirements in our teams process.

Each fund goes through a rigorous selection process, led by the Titanbay Investment Team with additional oversight from the Titanbay Investment Advisory Board and Advisory Panel.

Through our relationship with Mercer, the consultancy group, we have access to additional extensive research and ratings to inform our screening process.

Only after passing every stage of this process are they offered on our platform.

How we identify the best funds

Each year, Titanbay secures access to some of the world's leading private market funds.

We enable more family offices to access top-tier private market funds and build diversified portfolios for their clients, with much lower investment minimums than are typical for the asset class.


Our selection strategy

Each year, we look for leading opportunities across key thematic areas. These include core, future growth, yield and tactical investments.

We employ a holistic approach to fund selection, which includes both top-down and bottom-up considerations, ensuring the opportunities on our platform are best in class. Our top-down approach considers portfolio construction theory (stage of investment, fund size, investment style, geographic focus, sector specialism) and how long-term macroeconomic trends should influence the strategy. It also encompasses our tactical planning

At the same time, we take a bottom-up view to help find those managers with the best track records, most consistent performances and repeatable strategies.

This integrated approach means Titanbay partners with top-performing general partners (GPs) that demonstrate the ability to produce consistent returns while also employing extremely important portfolio construction considerations.

Develop a long term allocation with emphasis on differentiated sources of return & value across market cycles

Construct an array of strategies adapted to the current stage in the investing cycle.


Build and execute an investment plan taking advantage of best-in-market opportunities.

Ensure a strategic fit with high-level allocation strategy and overall portfolio.

Identify best in class managers who consistently outperform their peers.


Advocate the "4 P's" approach: People, Performance, Process & Philosophy.


Identifying top managers

The top managers in private markets benefit from what is known as the "information advantage", meaning that their extensive networks, connections and deep knowledge of the industry guide their investment choices.


This is very different from public market investing, where the information that guides investment decisions is widely available.

As a result, the dispersion of returns between the top-performing private market funds and the remainder of the funds in the asset class is very wide. It also tends to create a greater consistency in the managers who remain in the top quartile over time.

Selecting only the top-performing managers is crucial for producing consistently leading returns, and is where the specialist knowledge that the Titanbay Investment team possesses is especially powerful.

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