Unlock new pools
of investor capital for your fund

Handle the complexity of managing and aggregating individual checks into a single institutional sized investment.

With fully managed and end to end operations, our platform enables the world’s pre-eminent managers to seamlessly engage and aggregate smaller investors
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A partner on your team to manage complexity
Whether individuals or groups of investors from wealth managers, you can efficiently convert the demand from smaller investors into a single, institutional LP, without complicated side letters, co-investment or information rights or other special requirements.

We can supplement your team providing you with a streamlined, cost-effective solution that leverages your networks and accesses the ever growing pool of untapped capital seeking greater exposure to the leading private markets managers.
The solution for managing end to end Small Investor Programmes

Our structure allows us to easily aggregate multiple investors into a single, standardised feeder fund.

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Investor Pooling

From your perspective, you have a single investor with a standard structure, that’s easy to onboard and incorporate into your fund and with little to no additional effort for your Investor Relations and Operations teams.

In the background, our systems and processes give us the ability to work effectively with a broad range of investors and partners, delivering an excellent experience to everyone involved.
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Titanbay is a technology enabled service provider. While technology is a key component of our offering, client service is at its heart.

We believe exceptional service depends on the people and not just the technology. Through the Small Investor Programme, our dedicated Investor Services team will ensure your investors receive premium service, providing an excellent client experience across the entire investment journey.
Personalised service, supported by technology