transparent pricing

In line with our philosophy of providing you with clear and accurate information, we have listed the Titanbay fees you can expect to pay when investing via our platform, below. 

We don’t obscure totals using complex blended rates or accounting methods. Nor do we charge performance fees or carry. We also ensure that the fees/carry the general partners (GPs) charge are considered as part of our due diligence process. 

The fees shown in this table do not include any underlying fund expenses; you will need to refer to the documentation of your particular fund for details on associated fund charges and expenses that you will incur in addition to these fees. 


Our fee model is designed to be completely transparent and easy to understand, and is constructed so that we sit squarely on the same side of the table as our investors.

Commitment fee

This fee is charged once on each commitment.


of total commitment

Platform fee

These vary depending on the amount of capital you commit and the type of investment you make. The maximum term is 10 years and fees are based on the commitment amount.


Commitments up to €1m


Commitments over €1m

Administration fee

The amount charged depends upon the actual fees of the underlying feeder.


basis points

Onboarding process

  1. Complete the registration form.

  2. Complete the suitability questionnaire to determine your investor status.

  3. Once you have passed suitability you can view investment opportunities on the platform that are appropriate to your investor type and jurisdiction.

  4. In the event your application is referred for manual review by the automated process, we may contact you for further information.

There are certain criteria which investors have to meet in order to invest in Private Markets. These criteria include your previous investing experience, your financial situation and your jurisdiction. You will be able to complete the suitability survey when registering for the platform.