What are private markets?

Private markets are becoming more sought-after, but what are they and how do they operate? We take a look at the basic facts about the asset class.

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What is private equity?

Many misconceptions and inaccuracies surround the concept of private equity. Our guide dispels these, while providing a useful and informative overview of this increasingly popular asset class.

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What is private credit?

We explain why private credit has come to the fore in recent years. Our guide investigates the different types available, along with the risks and opportunities they can present.

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Why invest in private markets?

Why are private markets growing in popularity among individual investors and smaller institutions? We look at the defining characteristics of the asset class, from its diversification capabilities to its performance at times of market distress.

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What to consider when investing in private markets

What are the main things investors need to know to help them build successful private market portfolios?

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As a whole, private markets might be deemed relatively illiquid. But the various asset classes and strategies within operate along a spectrum from less to more liquid, as we explain in our guide.

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How is private market performance measured?

At first glance, the typical methods for assessing the performance of private market investments can seem complex and confusing. Our summary gives a run-down of the key characteristics of each one.

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Understanding net and gross returns

What are the differences between net and gross returns when it comes to private markets, and why are they important? Our guide explains more.

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What is the J-Curve?

The J-curve is used to represent the likely distribution of returns that investors can expect. This video offers a brief explanation.

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What do investors need to know about growth and value investing styles in private markets?

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What is infrastructure in private markets?

We look at the main private infrastructure investment categories, along with the opportunities and risks associated with the asset class.  

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What is real estate private equity?

What characterises real estate private equity and how does it compare to other private market investments?

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What are the key considerations when building a diversified portfolio of private market investments? Our guide takes you through the steps involved.
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Understanding private markets

At Titanbay, we recognise the importance of investor education about private markets and their place in a diversified portfolio. 

With this in mind, we have curated a suite of useful resources available exclusively to our registered partners and investors.

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Topics Include:

  • What are private markets?
  • What is private equity?
  • How is private market performance measured?
  • What to consider when investing in private markets 


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Our collaboration with Mercer, the consultancy group, gives us access to additional extensive research and ratings to inform our screening process, with them also taking an active role in our Investment Advisory Board. 

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Our partnership with FNZ, the leading global wealth management platform, enables Titanbay to be integrated into FNZ’s marketplace and ecosystem as a chosen partner for alternative assets and become a key part of its offering to both new and existing clients globally.

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We work closely with abrdn, who also have a seat on our Investment Advisory Board, and benefit from its fund selection resources, expertise in building tailored private equity solutions, leading ESG capability and privileged access to GP allocations including co-investment and secondary opportunities. 

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Motive Partners
brings extensive investment experience working with technology companies that enable the financial economy. By utilising their differentiated expertise, connectivity and capabilities Motive seek to help create long-term value, such as by potentially facilitating increased access to alternatives products for Titanbay.

From our partners

“We are delighted to partner with Titanbay on their growth journey...We are excited about this collaboration as we leverage our existing networks and investment expertise to allow opportunities in private markets to be accessed by a much wider investor universe.”

Alistair Watson, Head of Strategy Innovation – Private Equity - abrdn

“...We look forward to having Titanbay form part of our marketplace and ecosystem, enabling the 20+ million end investors using FNZ powered platforms to further diversify their portfolios...Partnering with Titanbay is in line with our mission of opening up wealth and making wealth management more accessible to more people.”

Din Mustaffa, Chief Strategy Officer - FNZ